October 5, 2009

TweetUp 4 Troops

There are only 20 members of this social network, but I think it’s cool how they are incorporating Twitter (and the “tweetup,” which is a name derived from “meetup”).

I hope they can get this off the ground, looks like fun networking stuff as well as a great cause… more info at TweetUp4Troops.

August 31, 2009

Military to Civilian Communication Issues (Job Search)

It’s no secret that transitioning out of the military has its own issues… one of the issues that we (civilians who have never been on the inside :) ) have is hearing your communication… the acronyms and terms that you are comfortable with just confuses us… we just don’t get it.

When you are in a job search, communication with a hiring manager is a huge issue.  Steve Gallison is a (former) Marine who sent me a link to a post from Angela Guidroz called Getting Good at Military Skills Translation.

This is a MUST READ if you are ready to transition!  Go check it out!

July 27, 2009

I’m Getting Out of the Military…Now What?

If you are a member of the U.S. military, your post-service job search will be much different than any civilian’s.

Even within the military, you have varying circumstances that may face you. Perhaps you’ve spent most of your adult life serving your country and an obligatory retirement looms on the horizon. Or, as a member of the National Guard, you return to the United States after a year-long overseas deployment only to find that your job no longer exists. Or, you hold the title of Navy Surface Warfare Officer and find that you’d like to try something other than piloting ships for the remainder of your career.

In each of these scenarios, one question universally applies: “Now what?” I recommend the following steps to transitioning military job seekers looking to make the most of their career searches:

Step 1: Weed out the military jargon.

A chief concern of many transitioning military job seekers is putting military experience into civilian terms in order to adequately market their talents. Civilians don’t necessarily understand what a Non-Commissioned Officer is or the importance of managing a squadron munitions account.

“Translating” your military experience can be daunting so don’t go it alone. The Occupational Information Network (O*Net) program is the nation’s primary database of standardized and occupation-specific descriptors. Visit the O*Net Resource Center’s homepage at www.onetcenter.org. The O*Net website allows you to search occupations by keyword, high growth industries, and more. Pinpoint the civilian job title that most closely matches your military experience and target your job search. The site not only breaks down your experience into terms civilians can understand (always avoid using military jargon and acronyms with civilian hiring authorities), it also provides insight into the skills they are actually looking for. This is part of the service we provide at www.MilitaryResumes.com for military job seekers who chose to have their military resume professionally written when they don’t have time to do this research themselves

Step 2: You have a great resume – now use it!

Customize a detailed plan for yourself that incorporates diverse job search strategies. If you are out of work, you should be dedicating at least 50 hours per week to your job search. For a 50-hour week, you might spend 30% on networking, 30% on federal jobs, 20% on job fairs, 10% on search firms, and 10% on Internet searches and target marketing. These percentages may breakdown as follows:

• 15 hours spent on networking (reaching out to 10 new contacts referred by your network, establishing 5 new contacts on your own, communicating through sites such as LinkedIn, volunteering, etc.).

• 15 hours spent on federal jobs (determining your special hiring privileges as a veteran, building a federal resume, researching agencies and postings, targeting your resume with the keywords appropriate to each job announcement of interest, writing the required KSAs, following up, etc.). Some certified resume writers specialize in military resumes, and they also have experience in military to federal resumes and KSAs (such as at my company).

• 10 hours spent on job fairs (researching to find military job fairs, companies in attendance and preparing accordingly, traveling, etc.) (see #3 below)

• 5 hours spent on no-cost military search firms (see #3 below)

• 5 hours spent on Internet searches and target marketing (submitting 25 resumes online, following-up with calls/letters from the previous week, etc.).

For maximum results, break each weekly total into a day-by-day action plan. Track your civilian contacts, military networking relationships and professional outreach with some type of contact manager / spreadsheet, or use www.jibberjobber.com to organize your job search and track professional relationships.

Step 3: Enlist help from the military transition experts.

Use as many free job search resources as possible to assist with finding a new career. In addition to the services offered on base TAP / ACAP centers, there are many job boards, placement agencies and job fairs that cater to the military service member, again, providing job search services free of charge. Take advantage of as many of these as possible (two of these companies, Bradley-Morris, Inc. and www.CivilianJobs.com sponsor my www.MilitarytoCivilian.com blog).

Jessie Richardson is a former Naval Officer and Director of Resume Services at www.MilitaryResumes.com. She can be reached at jrichardson@militaryresumes.com . Checkout her blog: www.MilitarytoCivilian.com.

July 24, 2009

Hire Patriots (dot) com

I came across a blog post from HirePatriots.com (forwarded to me from a Facebook Friend) that was… well, not cool.

The author of the post talks about a military career fair sponsored by the DoD where there were hardly any hiring companies and hardly any Marines (no supply, no demand).  FAIL.

Want to read a powerful, goosebump story? Check out the About Us page for Hire Patriots… it’s Mark Baird’s reason he started the website and service.

That’s why we’re doing what we’re doing with JibberJobberUSA.com.

Awesome, kudos and thanks to Mark Baird!

July 23, 2009

The Military Job Search & JibberJobber

We’re back.  Again. I know… last time didn’t last too long. 

Things are changing here… in addition to the offer to those coming out of deployment, we have some other, new stuff.  I’ll talk about it soon… in the meantime, if you are or have been in the military please visit JibberJobberUSA.com and get an account… good things happening!

If you have interest in helping JibberJobber USA provide value and services to those who have served in the military, drop me a line.

May 27, 2008

JibberJobberUSA recognized by Anita Bruzzese

Anita Bruzzese, who writes for a plethora of newspapers, has a great post titled Sometimes the Real Battle Begins When Vets Return Home and Try to Find a Job. I love how she ends the post (which was published in USA Today):

“You learn so many valuable things in the military – these people know how to solve problems, how to work together and have a lot of personal integrity,” he says. “They make excellent employees, and they deserve a place at the table.”

Isn’t that true? Read the entire post, I think it will resonate with you!

May 13, 2008

Active Duty Military Education Benefits by Chris Penn

I don’t know of any who knows more about securing financial aid for education than Chris Penn.  Not only is he an expert in this space, he is one of the best networked social media experts around.

Chris is a master of information dissemination, and put together a special podcast explaining the aid options for those who have served in the military.

You can read more about it at the eMail Our Military blog, or download the podcast here.

April 26, 2008

Project Healing Waters

How cool is this?  I could go for a fly-fishing trip right about now.  Kudos to the team at Project Healing Waters.  This is straight from their website:

Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing, Inc. is dedicated to the physical and emotional rehabilitation of disabled active duty military personnel and veterans through fly fishing and fly tying education and outings.

For more information, check out their website:

April 17, 2008

We’re Back!

Seven months later… and we’re back.  Here’s a quick update.

This is kind of embarrassing but it’s the truth.  There was a point where we had to switch all of the JibberJobber stuff off of the GoDaddy servers (they were not serving us well, and our users were having problems).  In all of the switching, we kind of lost control of the URL transitioninghome.com, and something happened to this blog and … well, I thought it was kind of done.

The special offer has never expired, and it won’t expire, but this blog dissappeared for a bit.

But we’re back.  Thanks to some close friends who we met a few months ago, we got the idea of creating an entirely new domain called JibberJobberUSA.com.  And when we got that all setup I asked my main programmer if he could find the old posts and … well, here we are :)

With JibberJobberUSA.com we should be able to communicate our message and offering better.  Back when I first started JibberJobber was just a few months old and it was very difficult to talk about it to any official person… whether they were military or not.

But already with this new domain and the logo and branding it’s been a lot easier.  And we have some great plans.  Stay tuned, and you’ll see this unfold!  It should be something awesome to watch!

September 21, 2006

Does the Border Patrol still exist?

I thought they had a different name, but here is some info on an interesting career opportunity. I have lots of federal employees in my family, and even a cousin who is just finishing his career as a border patrol agent (or whatever they are called). Good steady job, decent money, and interesting work. Can be brainy or brawny, either way it won’t be too boring, and definitely meaningful.

This is a great job, starts out at 35K, second year 45K, 3rd yr 55k, 4th yr 65K.
Have You Considered a Career in Law Enforcement?
The United States Border Patrol is Hiring!
We have thousands of positions to fill in the next 24 months. We are looking for men and women ages 18-40 of good character, physical fitness and self discipline for entry level Border Patrol Agent Positions along the US/Mexico border.
As a federal agent, you would receive an outstanding compensation package which includes:
a federal retirement pension, a 401(k) (Thrift Savings Plan)
health and life insurance
Non-competitive promotion to GS-11 pay grade, plus 25% paid on top.
Agents in training during their first 12 months generally make between $35K-$40K
Border Patrol Agents get a non-competitive raise every year for their first three years. Most agents with three years in service generally make around $65K-$70K
To meet the qualifications for employment you must:
Be a U.S. Citizen
Have lived in the United States for the past 3 years
Be under 40 years of age
Be able to pass a written test and oral interview
Be able to pass a background security clearance
Possess a valid state driver’s license
Have at least one year of work experience or a bachelor’s degree
New agents receive over 20 weeks of on duty training at the United States Border Patrol Academy in Artesia, NM. There you will learn Immigration Law, Constitutional Law, Statutory Authority, Firearms Training, Physical and Arrest Techniques, Off Road and Pursuit Driving Techniques and the Spanish Language (and, I’m guessing, lizard catching skills?)
Although speaking Spanish is a requirement of the position, it is not a requirement to apply. Most Agents do not speak any Spanish when they are hired. The academy has an excellent Spanish program with a very high success rate.
The hiring process generally takes 12 months. However applicants who are “sponsored” by a recruiter are put on a priority fast track which takes between 6 and 8 months.
If you are up to the challenge and ready to apply for the sponsored recruit program or just want more info
Call Border Patrol Agent Recruiter (I took out his contact info since I didn’t have his permission to post this here, but just wanted to share this idea with you… contact me if you want his info)